🦃 Turkey Day Action 🦃

The Annual Thanksgiving Football feast is finally here. Two games seem to be apparent blowouts while the Cowboys versus Indians game might churn some excitement. However, it is waste of time trying to nail National Fools League predictions on the head. With Alex Smith out it could get gruesome for the Redskins unless old man winter takes a toll on the Cowboys. Trubisky is banged up stepping into Lion’s den so let’s cheer for a day of TOUCHDOWNS!


Let’s take a glance at the matchups:

Team Stats

Points Per Game 29.4 22.2
Points Allowed Per Game 19.5 26.3
Total Yards 369.8 362.3
Yards Passing 246.9 261.9
Yards Rushing 122.9 100.4
Yards Allowed 334.3 384.7
Pass Yards Allowed 256.5 259.7
Rush Yards Allowed 77.8 125.0

Take Chicago Bears Team Total over 23

Team Stats

Points Per Game 19.7 20.3
Points Allowed Per Game 19.8 19.0
Total Yards 344.9 347.1
Yards Passing 223.4 213.8
Yards Rushing 121.5 133.3
Yards Allowed 374.5 348.2
Pass Yards Allowed 278.8 253.2
Rush Yards Allowed 95.7 95.0

Dallas Cowboys Team Total Over 24

Team Stats

Points Per Game 26.3 37.8
Points Allowed Per Game 27.6 23.9
Total Yards 421.4 434.2
Yards Passing 332.6 302.8
Yards Rushing 88.8 131.4
Yards Allowed 418.5 373.4
Pass Yards Allowed 297.4 295.5
Rush Yards Allowed 121.1 77.9

New Orleans Saints -13


At this point of the season, both teams know each other. Look for each side to open their playbooks making the day spicy.

Happy Thanksgiving and Good luck!

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